Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pebble Polished Stone


Pebble Wash Stone


Pebble Lava Stone

Monday, 8 August 2011


Natural Stone makes your bath did not as same like before
Feel blur? You don't have any idea how stone can turn out your living place become more and more different with a touch of some idea? Here is some inspiration on how to use the stone and turn your home something that you did not imagine before!
Pebble Stone
Wall and Pool, Pebble Stone
Change mozak with Pebble Stone. 
Pebble Wash Stone
Now you can feel like living in 5 star hotel when you put magic on your bathroom with Pebble Stone. 

One of CraftStone product been used to highlight the stairs wall.

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We sells Craftstones, Natural stones, Bali stones, Pebble stones and also Accessories that will fit with your internal or external at your home.We also provide the lowest price in Miri. Be please to come to our places and get some inspiration how to create your home to become like your own castle.

We also provided transportation to deliver your stone to your house. We only accept Cash. Want more information about us please check the latest info below. Thank You. 

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Monday, 13 June 2011

CraftStone River Rock

The raw and smooth finishing of natural stones found in downstream and river side are carefully replicated in CraftStone River Rock. 

The washed look of River Rock reveal the origin of these stones that has drone most of nature's water landscape.

These irregular stones, ranges from 2" in their smallest dimension and 14" at their largest, are highly popular with  landscape architects.

CraftStone Lime Stone

Molded from stone quarried in the upper midwest, Lime Stone faithfully reproduce one of nature's most beautiful stone. 

This selection of coursed and roughly regular stones allows an unusual design flexibility. the true beauty of Limestone lies in its most natural states and CraftStone has captured the unique character of this stone to its finest detail.

The stones ranges from 1-6" height and 4-16" in length.